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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Tygora

ПОМОГИТЕ ПЖ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ complete the sentences with the present continuous form of the verbs in the box have,not play,not wear,not smile,study,watch 1.Theyre in the kitchen.They___breakfast. 2.She__at the moment.She isnt happy. 3.I__that because i dont like pink. 4.Dave__football because hes got a bad leg. 5.We__a great film. 6.My sister__for an exam. СРОЧНО ХЭЛП!!


1 are having

2 isnt smiling

3 am not wearing

4 isnt playing

5 are watching

6 is studying

1.Theyre in the kitchen.They are having breakfast.

2.She isnt smiling at the moment.She isnt happy.

3.I am not wearing that because i dont like pink.

4.Dave isnt playing football because hes got a bad leg.

5.We are watching a great film.

6.My sister is studying for an exam.

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