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Напишите пожалуйста Доклад НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ на тему Степь Пожалуйста


Steppes are distributed on all continents except Antarctica. In Eurasia, the largest areas of steppes are in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Mongolia. In the mountains forms a high-altitude zone (mountain steppe); on the plains — a natural zone located between the forest-steppe zone in the North and semi-desert zone in the South. Rainfall — from 250 to 450 mm, or from 100 to 1000 mm per year. Average temperatures of winter months — from 0 ° C to −20 ° C, summer — from +20 ° C to +40 ° C, or average annual temperatures — from 0 ° C to +20 ° C. The climate of the steppe regions, as a rule, is in the range from moderately continental to sharply continental and is always characterized by hot or very hot (up to +50 °C) and very dry summers. Winter in the steppe regions is always snowy, with strong snowfalls and blizzards, from moderately mild to severe with cracking frosts, sometimes even frosts up to -40 °C.

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