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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Andromadi

Use the correct form of the verb in brackets 1)This is my second time I ... (go) to Paris 2)I want to ask for directions because I think ... (lose) our way 3)We ... (live) here for the last 6 years,but I like being in the new place where we ... (move) to 4)I ... (work out) how to set the timer on the video yet 5)My dad ... (live) in the same house since he was born 6)The film ...(be) on for a couple of minutes 7)... the traditional holiday ... (become) increasingly popular


1 have gone

2 have lost

3 have been living(have lived)-have moved

4 havent worked

5 has lived

6 has been

7 has the traditional holiday become

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