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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Adoth

Пжжжж до завтра ех 2 ех 3


1 C

2 E

3 D

4 B

1 I would say that its pretty easy life at the first look, but in reality it can turn really uncomfortable and distracting for his future. Cuz life cant always be the same , and everything can turn around and gets tricky.

2 Paul lives in London

3 He dont really minding the fact he doesnt have much of a money, cuz its not a barrier for enjoyng life he have

4 He dislike riding bysicle only in winter, when it gets really cold but he doesnt have other choice

5 Paul works at charity shop and studying for very cheap

6 Paul gets food that throws away some shops or cafes , as he think its still pretty edible, but its not

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