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Химия 5 - 9 классы Thetalace

Complete the expressions and use them in your own sentences : to draw ... , to use ... , to set a ... , to deliver a ... , to protect from ... , to be ... , to compile ... , to invent ... , to win ... , to design ... , to solve ... , to publish ... , to make ... , to provide ... , to find .... , to take ... , to keep ... , to chat ... , to have ... .

He tried to draw a line. He didnt want to use that spade. It is hard to set a matter. He ventured to deliver a few apcels. You have to protect them from rust. Its good to be an adult. It was difficult to compile. To invent something new is not an easy task. To win a gold medal one has to work hard. He was ordered to design a new model. It was hard to solve the problem. Its unwise to publish this information. They tried to make a fool of him. They had to provide all the food. They had to find a new way out. You have to take more sugar. You have to keep calm.  They liked to chat on the net. To have so many debts is depressing.

During our Maths class we usually draw different lines
I never use my eraser
Lets set the limit
A postman delivers letters and newspapers
I want to protect our nature from destruction
I want to be famous
To compile means to compose
An inventor always invents something new
Our team wants to win the game
Its easy to design a project
I cant solve this problem
We usually publish our articles in this magazine
I cant make a mistake
It provides a good example
Its necessary to find my keys
You can take your dog for a walk
I always try to keep fit
I like to chat with friends
I have many questions.
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