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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Артем

Я живу не грустя, мой смех всегда при мне. переведите пожалуйста!!!

They say when you laugh, your life lasts, but no one knows the truth of it or not, every person laughs day by day, sometimes even for different trifles. People laugh when they express their joy, sometimes laughter can be just a mockery. When some people laugh at others its called a ridicule "Of course its a bad laugh, when someone laughs at you, its horrible and humiliating." I think that you should laugh only when youre really funny, do not laugh from other people when at this time its bad, because then theyll laugh at you, and youll be able to feel how its "nice". For me, laughter is life.
Отв. дан
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