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История 5 - 9 классы Mukus

Твір на англійській мові на тему:Моя майбутня професія-перукар

Hairdresser. For me it is a person who transforms not only your appearance, but also your inner world. Therefore, it is very important to which hairdresser you go. Many believe that in this profession there is nothing difficult, in fact, it is a great responsibility - to cut people, change their views on themselves and on life. If there were no hairdressers, the world would have been different, everyone would have walked with long hair, maybe even without any beautiful hairstyles, many would have looked alike-shaggy and not shaved as they say.
Hairdresser-creates an individual image, helps to reveal your soul, open to the world. That also includes the work of the Barber The first is professional education, the person who chooses this activity should be interested and inspired by it, in order to develop in this industry and see their prospects.
Hairdresser-specialist in external and internal. It is important to accept the client mentally, to listen to his wishes, to accept them with his smile and understanding, but to cover them with his professionalism and experience. And then, as they say, hands create an image, and the soul and mind listen to the soul of the client, trying to understand his nature, taking it as a whole, listening, giving advice, if necessary, healing him.
Thats the kind of creative and multi-faceted work of the hairdresser
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