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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Granirgas

Подскажите как пожалуйста, все на картинке

4. He works
He worked
Does he worked
She plays
She played
Does she played
Do you danced
2. Did she skate there
3. Did they wash the cups
4. Did they study English
5. Did he try to skate
6. Did she cry much
7. Did she carry two boxes
1. He is working.
2. He worked.
3. Did he work
4. She is playing.
5. Did she play
6. Did he dance
Do they like chess
Does he like chess
Did they like chess
Does she like tennis
Did she play tennis
They dont live in that house.
We dont know the name.
It doesnt like fish.
They dont play chess every day.
He doesnt wash his bike every day.
Mike doesnt want to come.
We dont like to sing.
1. They wont have a..
2. We shant have...
3. Ann wont buy...
4. The teacher wont like..
5. I shant go..
1. Will they buy..
2. Will he close..
3. Will she do..
4. Shall we give..
257. Прости больше не могу...

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