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Английский язык 4-7 класс Gsgssgg2822

First Conditional.
Our teacher (to be) happy if we (to answer) all the questions correctly. If they (to have) enough money, they (to buy) a new car. I (to be) very angry with Nick if he (to forget) my CD again. You (to get) very wet if you (to walk) in this rain. We ( to pass) the exam if we (to study) hard. Ifthe weather (to be) not too bad tomorrow, we (to play) football If we (to learn)more about history, we (not to be) afraid of the test. Ifl (to find) his phone number, I (to call) him tonight. IfI (to wear) this hat, I (to look) like an old man. IfI (to find) her address, I (to send) her an invitation.
самое первый сталбец до пробела


First Conditional

1.Our teacher will be happy if we answer all the questions correctly.

2.If they have enough money, they will buy a new car.

3.I will be very angry with Nick if he forgets my CD again.

4.You will get very wet if you walk in this rain.

5.We will pass the exam if we study hard.

6.If the weather is not too bad tomorrow, we will play football.

7.If we learn more about history, we will not be afraid of the test.

If I find his phone number, I will call him tonight.

If I wear this hat, I will look like an old man.

If I find her address, I will send her an invitation.

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