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Английский язык 1-3 класс 19743001

Ответы на задания книги забавные истории котенка редди глава 5,6,7,8
1) Answer the questions.
1. What's the weather like today?
2. What are the kittens doing?
3. Are the films interesting?
4. Is Blackie angry?
5. What are the films about?
6. Is Reddy hungry?
7. Do they have lunch?
2) Compare:
- Stuart little
- Nemo
- Vailant
- a fish
- a bird
- a mouse
3) Complete.
1. Let's watch a f _____.
2. When I see a mouse, I am h _____.
3. Let's have l _____.
4) What is it?
1. It is big or small. It can sing and fly.
2. It is big or small. It can't talk but it can swim.
3. Cats catch it. It is small. It has got a long tail.
4. You can watch it. It is interesting.


1) 1. The weather is very cold.

2. The kittens are in the house, watching a film.

3. The films are interesting.

4. Blackie is angry.

5. The films are about a mouse named Stuart Little, a clown fish named Nemo, and a bird named Valiant.

6. Reddy is hungry.

7. Yes, they have lunch.

2) Stuart Little is a mouse, Nemo is a fish, and Valiant is a bird.

3) film



4) 1. It is a bird.

2. It is a fish

3. It is a mouse

4. It is a film

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