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Английский язык 1 курс itmax354

Complete the messages with the present continuous form of the verbs in the box.
lose play
1. I ___ some emails to my friend.
2. Max ___ golf with his friends.
3. Roger Federer ___ the match at the moment. He usually wins so it's a bit strange!
4. The children ___ their bikes to the park.
5. Sam and Tom ___ to each other because they're angry. It's so quiet!
6. Dad ___ a film on TV at the moment so I can't watch the football.
7. The dog ___ on the sofa. He's on the floor.
8. Be quiet! The baby ___ and I don't want her to wake up.


1. am writing

2. is playing

3. is losing

4. are riding

5. aren't talking

6. is watching

7. isn't sitting

8. is sleeping

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