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Английский язык 1 курс itmax354

Complete the sentences with a verb phrase in bold in Exercise 3a. More than one answer may be possible.
1. I always ___ the stairs. I hardly ever take the lift.
2. I try to ___ every day. I eat a lot of vegetables and don't eat chocolate.
3. I ___ most days. I go running or swimming.
4. I don't ___ every day, but I often play badminton so that I can ___.
5. ___ at a desk most days. I don't ___ a lot during the day.
6. I don't want to ___ . I don't like exercise bikes or running machines.
7. ___ before 11 every night and wake up before 7 a.m.


1. walk up

2. eat well

3. do some exercise

4. work out, stay fit

5. I sit, move around

6. join a gym

7. I relax

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