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Английский язык 1 курс Maxym2021

1) Complete the phrases with the verbs in the box.
buy, decide, do, get, learn, look, for, save, talk, to
1. … a new language/how to
2. … a bonus/a new job
3. … a course/exercise
4. … what to do/where to go
5. … a camera/a book
6. … information/ajob
7. … money/time
8. … friends/people
2) Look at the goals below. What small steps can you take?
1. Buy a house
talk to my parents
look for information about house prices
2. Learn a new language
3. Travel around the world
3) Listen again and complete the sentences with the verbs in the box
buy, do, eat, get up, have
1. Petra's going to … some new running shoes.
2. She's going to … at 5 a.m. every morning.
3. Petra and Sally are going to … yoga twice a week.
4. Petra's going to … healthy food.
5. She isn't going to … chocolate.


1) Learn, Get, Do, Decide, Buy, Look for, Save, Talk to.

2) Learn a new language

- Choose a language you are interested in

- Find language learning apps or websites

- Set aside dedicated time for daily practice

- Join a language exchange group or conversation partner

Travel around the world

- Make a list of the countries you want to visit

- Research the best times to travel to each location

- Create a budget for each trip

- Save money for travel expenses

- Book flights and accommodations in advance

3) buy, get, do, eat, have

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