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Английский язык 1 курс Maxym2021

1) Complete the conversations with should/shouldn't and the verbs in the box.
eat, go, leave, see, watch
1. A: I need to lose weight.
B: You … unhealthy food.
2. A: I don't feel well.
B: You … the doctor.
3. A: The film starts at 4 o'clock.
B: We … at 3.30.
4. A: I'm always tired.
B: You … to bed so late every night.
5. A: She wants to learn English.
B: She … TV programmes in English.
2) Match verbs 1-8 with a-h to make phrases.
1. keep
2. sit
3. join
4. eat
5. walk
6. go
7. do
8. stay
a. down
b. to sleep
c. healthy
d. fit
e. well
f. up the stairs
g. some exercise
h. a gym
3) Complete the sentences with the phrases in Exercise 2a.
1. I want to … a … and go every morning before work.
2. I have a bath in the evening because it helps me … to ….
3. Try not to … … at your desk all day. … … … at least once an hour.
4. Avoid junk food and don't eat too much if you want to … ….
5. I always … up … … in my apartment building. I don't use the lift.
6. Isla has junk food every day. She really doesn't … ….


1) shouldn't eat, should see, should leave, shouldn't go, should watch

2) keep - fit, sit - down, join - a gym, eat - healthy, walk - up the stairs, go - to sleep, do - some exercise, stay - well

3) join a gym, go to sleep, sit down --- Walk up the stairs, stay well, walk up stairs, eat healthy

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