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Английский язык 1 курс mawpq124

1) Choose the correct alternatives.
1. I'd like learn/to learn another language in the future.
2. I don't want/like to join a gym - ever!
3. I not/wouldn't like to visit the Antarctic.
4. My parents want me to/to speak to me more often.
5. I'd like to climb/climbing a mountain.
6. I don't'm not want to watch TV tonight.
2) Complete the sentences with the correct form of go and the verbs in the box.
bowl, cycle, sightsee, ski, surf
1. We always … when we visit a new city.
2. At the weekend, I … along the cycle paths around the city.
3. Do you ever … in the mountains in winter?
4. Let's … tonight! There's a new bowling alley in town.
5. We… … for the first time on holiday. The waves were huge!
3) Complete the sentences with a phrase with go so that they are true for you.
1. I'd like to go … next summer.
2. I'm not going to go … this week.
3. I never go ….
4. I want to go … this year.


1) to learn, want, wouldn't, to, climb, don't

2) sightsee, cycle, ski, bow, surfed

3) camping, to the movies, to bed before midnight, to the beach

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