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Английский язык 1 курс Maxym2021

Make questions with you using the prompts.
1. mind /clean / house?
Do you mind cleaning the house?
2. hate / clean / bathroom?
3. like / live / alone?
4. What / love / do / your free time?
5. mind / tidy /room?
6. What / hate / clean / most?
Complete the sentences. Use the phrases in bold in the quiz to help you.
1. We … all the bills in our house.
2. I never … the windows - I just pay someone to do it.
3. I always … things when they're broken.
4. I … my room every morning before work.
5. It's nice to … meals for other people.
6. When I need clean clothes, I … for everyone in the house.
7. I usually do the … when there are no more clean dishes.


1) Do you hate cleaning the bathroom?

Do you like living alone?

What do you love to do in your free time?

Do you mind tidying your room?

What do you hate cleaning the most?

2) split, clean, fix, tidy up, cook, do laundry, dishwashing

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