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How I spent my summer holidays.

Summer is my favorite season. I really like when the street is warm, the trees are green, flowers are beautiful flowers. And in the summer, every student can enjoy a long vacation from school.

In June I was at home because my parents worked. But Im still happy with the fact that I have enough free time for self-development and entertainment with my friends. When Im alone, I like embroidering, reading books, listening to music. Sometimes I was allowed to play computer games. Also liked to watch different movies, especially some of the old comedies.

Since the weather was warm, I spent more time with friends on the street. We played various mobile games. Particularly remembered our summer quests, when we split into teams and hid various items, leaving hints in different places, and the team that would find all the hidden items first won.

In July, my parents and I went to sea. This trip was unforgettable for me. We spent two weeks batting daily in the warm sea and sunbathing. Every day was not like the previous one. We riding a boat, went to watch various architectural monuments, visited the water park. There I met girls and boys from other regions. This trip left the most pleasant impressions, lots of interesting photos and new acquaintances.

In the last month of the summer I was in my grandparents in the village. I missed them very much because they spent all of them in August. The village is very beautiful nature, singing birds. My friends and I played hide and seek in the woods, picking up berries. When the weather was hot, we went to swim and sunbathe on the river. At home, I helped my grandmother by business, gathered apples and pears. My grandmother taught me to scoop the cakes, but I got a good idea, but my grandmothers were still more beautiful.

This summer was interesting and bright, I learned a lot. And now, having rested a year ahead, I have enough strength to study.

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