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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Валентина

TestWrite Present Times:We ________________________(cook) our dinner for two hours._____We ______________________(go) to the party next Friday.__________I _________just ________(phone ) to the doctor.________My father ___________________(repair) his old car now. _________Those roses __________________(smell) fantastic at this moment._______Rob __________________(not replay) to my invitation yet.______Tom __________________(not have) any problems with his studying so far.____Emily ______________________(teach) English since she left university._____I _________________________(not think) he is right._________Riana _________________(move) new house next Friday. ________The train __________________(leave) the station at 7.30 p.m._____________________________you (come) to the cinema with us tonight______Sheila _______always_____________(talk) at the lesson!!!.______Jane _____________________(not remember) his name at the moment.______We _______________________(see) Sarah this afternoon.___________________ violin _______________ (belong) to Tina now________Who ______________________(read) my diary again !!!____________she ____________(have) a camera with her now_______How long ________you _________(wait) your order ____Is Ann here –No, we ______________(not see )her in the office all morning.__Jane ___________(look) fantastic in her new dress. _____Rob __________already _____(grate) cheese for pizza._______Our neighbours _________never____________(buy) presents at the flea market.__N 2. form adjective:1. beauty- 6. optimist-2. Britain- 7. romance-3. effect- 8. friend-4. comfort- 9. fame-5. danger- 10. type-


Ex.1: have been cooking, are going, have just phoned, is repairing, smell, hasnt replied, hasnt had, has been teaching, dont think, is moving, leaves, Are you coming, is always talking, isnt remembering, are seeing, Is violin belonging, has read, Does she have, are you waiting, havent seen, looks, has already grated, are never buy


  1. beautiful
  2. British
  3. effective
  4. comfortable
  5. dangerous
  6. optimistic
  7. romantic
  8. friendly
  9. fameful
  10. typical
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