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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Anarameena

Rewrite the sentences using the word(s) in brackets. 1. I cant come with you. I have to help out at the animal shelter. (as) 2. He stopped driving to work. He wanted use public transport more. (the reason why) 3. She has a car. She can go wherever she wants. (now that) 4. Cars have been banned. The air in the town is cleaner (due to t he fact that)


1. I cant come with u as I have to help out ta the animal shelter.

2. The reason why he stopped driving to work is that he wanted to use public transpot more.

3. She has a car now that she can go wherever she wantes.

4. Cars have been banned  due to the fact that the air in the town is cleaner.

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