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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Garne

Составьте сочинение описание на английском языке "My day " заранее спасибо


I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Of course it’s too early for me. You can say “Why ” I’ll answer: «I like to sleep so much, and I usually go to bed very late. So at 7 o’clock I feel myself sleepy. For that reason I drink a cup of strong coffee to wake up more quickly. After a cup of coffee I usually take a shower. Fresh shower braces up. Then I get dressed. I open my wardrobe and choose what I want to wear today. It’s high time, I’m in a hurry. But I try to have a snack (sandwiches, eggs, porridge and so on). I need to be at school (university) at 8.30. I get away and go to the bus stop. I usually go to school (university) by bus. (I go to school (university) on foot.)

So I’m at school (university). I usually have 6 lessons (4 classes). I like to study, but sometimes it is boring. I’m rather a creative person, but I can’t express my personality at school (university). For that reason I visit additional courses and activities. Three times a week I go to the Music School. I like to listen to music. At school (university) I usually have a dinner. I go to our schhol (university) canteen. It’s rather tasty food in it.

At 5-6 o’clock I like to play with my friends. We usually go for a walk. We like different parks. Sometimes we watch films, play computer games and discuss the latest news.

In the evening I usually do my homework. Sometimes I do homework till the late night. And then I go to bed. But some days I try to have a rest before my sleep.

And undoubtedly, I’m looking for a wekend. Weekend is a marvelous time for all pupils and students. It is a time for a good rest. I try to relax in full force and effect.

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