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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Shakakasa

Подскажите как переделать предложения в страдательный залог.1. People believe that the Btitish talk weather all the time.2. People think that the English dont like changes very much.3. People consider that the Btitish are not good at learning foreing languages.4. They say that the English dont spend much money on clothes.5. People believe that the Scots are careful with money.6. People think that the Irish are great talkers.7. People consider that the Irish have "a sweet tooth" ; They love cakes, chocolates and sweets.8. People know that the Btitish dont like to show their feelings.


The British are beleived to talk about weather all the time. 

The English are thought not to like changes very much.

The British are considered not to be good at learning foreign languages. 

The English are said not to spend much money on clothes. 

The Scots are beleived to be careful with money. 

The Irish are thought to be great talkers.

The Irish are considered to have a sweet tooth, that is to love cakes, chocolates and sweets. 

The British are known not to like to show their feelings.

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