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Английский язык 5 - 9 классы Gra

Надо составить все типы вопросов 1.1. She is writing a letter in the study. 2. He is walking to school now. 3 We are travelling to London with friends. 4. They are working in the garden at this moment. 5. John is coming home alone. 6. Our teacher is telling us a new story. 7. Pupils are listening to their teacher. 8. l am having breakfast now.


1 Is she writing a letter in the study

2 Is he walking to school now

3 Are we travellingto london with friends

4 Are they working inthe garden at this moment

5 Is John coming home alone

6 Is our teachertelling usa new story

7 Are pupils listening totheir teacher

8 Am I haveng breakfast now

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