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Английский язык 8-9 класс nikita

Read the text and write the best heading A–F for each paragraph. There are two extra headings. (Прочитайте текст и напишите наилучший заголовок A–F для каждого абзаца. Есть два заголовка лишние).
A How’s the weather in the Sonoran Desert?
B Who lives in the Sonoran Desert now?
C How much rain falls in Arizona?
D Who used to live in the area?
E What are the forms of natural life?
F Where is the Sonoran Desert?
The Sonoran Desert is the largest desert in North America. It covers an area of 120,000 square miles. Part of the desert goes over south-west Arizona, part over south-east California and the rest over north-west Mexico. The western part of the United States–Mexico border passes through the Sonoran Desert.
Native American groups lived in the region for hundreds of years before the Spanish came in the 15th century and colonised a large part of the desert. Now, you can see the remains of an early Native American civilisation, the Hohokam tribe, who created villages and an advanced canal system to carry water for their plants.
Eighty per cent of the whole Arizona population live in the Sonoran Desert, mainly in towns such as Tucson and Phoenix. It’s a surprise because the desert covers only twenty per cent of Arizona’s total area and this area has very little rainfall compared to other parts of the state, so water has to be taken from the ground. The desert is also home to over seventeen Native American tribes with settlements in reservations.
Because the temperature in summer rarely falls below 38C and the winters are never cold, the main form of vegetation in this area is cacti. There is also a variety of wildflowers which appear after the winter rains and disappear in the first heat of the spring. You will not find many animals in the desert, except for some mice or rabbits and one of the ‘big cats’ called the mountain lion.
2 Read the text and decide if the statements 1–6 are true (T) or false (F). Прочитайте текст и решите, являются ли утверждения 1-6 истинными (T) или ложными (F).
Two of the three baby chimpanzees went missing from a house in Bangladesh while being taken to the zoo for a medical check-up, only to be found in the same house on Thursday afternoon. The police said that the chimpanzees had managed to open the door of their cages and hide in the house. The officials of the Main Veterinary Bureau in Bangladesh were surprised when they were told by zoo officials that only one male chimpanzee had arrived in the cage. ‘We were informed that three chimpanzees would be brought to the zoo. When we found out that only one chimp had arrived, we immediately warned the police and MVB (the Main Veterinary Bureau) in Bangladesh’ said a zoo top official.
1 Three small chimpanzees got lost. ___
2 The animals disappeared from the zoo. ___
3 The chimpanzees were examined by a vet in the zoo. ___
4 The MVB was informed about the transport of the chimpanzees in advance. ___
5 The zoo expected three chimpanzees to arrive. ___
6 The police were informed by the owner of the chimpanzees. ___


1 Where is the Sonoran Desert?

2 Who used to live in the area?

3 How much rain falls in Arizona?

4 What are the forms of natural life?


1 F

2 T

3 F

4 F

5 T

6 F

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